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            Auto parts replacement points

            Source:Jinhua Haoxiang Auto Parts Co., Ltd.Publication time:2019-06-04

            Auto parts replacement points

            First, try to use the sealant, you can use the paint to achieve the ideal sealing effect;

            Second, the rubber seal should be carefully checked for appearance quality before assembly; use special tools to press fit to avoid knocking deformation;

            3. Fill the lubricating grease according to the regulations, and regularly clean the venting holes and check valves;

            4. Assembling in extremely clean conditions, the working surface of the parts is free from bumps, scratches, burrs and other attachments;

            5. Strict operation procedures, the seals should be properly installed to prevent deformation in place;

            6. Master the performance specifications and use requirements of the seals and replace the failed parts in time;

            7. For side-wall thin-walled parts, use sheet metal cold for correction; shaft hole parts that are easy to wear can be metallized, welded, glued, machined, etc. to achieve the original size;

            Eighth, the nut slide wire is broken and loose, and new parts should be replaced and screwed to the specified torque.